Malawi: Toyota employees threaten strike over meagre pay

Hardly one week after expressing displeasure with the hiring of “expatriates” at their institution, Toyota Malawi Limited workers are now demanding for an increase in their wages.

The employees, through their representatives, gave an ultimatum in a letter to their management saying should nothing be done, they will down tools from October 20 next week.

The letter signed by the representatives’ general secretary, Mr Mbewe, has also been copied to the Ministry of Labour’s principal secretary.

Part of the letter read, Reference is made to the conciliation meeting chaired by the conciliator Mr Ronald Frank which was held at the regional labour office trade test in Blantyre on 6 October at which a deadlock was reached.

“Please therefore, take notice that workers will go on strike for 7 days time starting from 19th October 2020.”

The letter, however, indicates that the industrial action could be controlled should the employees’ demands be met.

Toyota Malawi management has not commented on the matter.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa

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