Sudan: South Africa’s acting ambassador to Sudan accused for murder plot

The husband to South Africa acting ambassador to Sudan, allegedly hired hitmen to kill the embassy’s intelligence officer and slaying two local women as part of their ‘training’.

Following the murder of two young Sudanese women in Khartoum in December 2019, police concluded that the victims might have been slain for a satanic or ritual killing.

One of the two women had been torn limb from limb, her body dumped in separate plastic bags outside the city. The other’s corpse was found wrapped in a shroud on a city rubbish dump.

After the arrest of two local men linked to the gruesome murder, the suspects revealed a strange story where the two men claimed they had lured the women into the apartment of South Africa’s deputy ambassador to Sudan and murdered them as a “training” exercise. The murders were a test to prepare them for their real assassination assignment where they had planned to kill an intelligence officer at the South African embassy.

South Africa’s deputy ambassador to Sudan, Zabantu Ngcobo, and her partner are now being investigated for allegedly hiring the embassy driver and his accomplice to kill the intelligence officer because he was sending home damaging reports about Ngcobo.

The intelligence officer was lucky to survive after two men were arrested for murder of the two women before they could kill the intelligence officer.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa

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