Zimbabwe: Doctors to undergo further training in India

A total of 100 doctors will undertake training for different medical fields under the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Initiative in partnership with Merck Foundations.

Rajah Kelej the CEO of Merck Foundation and President of Merck More Than A Mother said more than 100 Zimbabwean doctors will undergo special training in medical fields such as Diabetes, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Respiratory medicines, Acute Medicines, and Sexual and Reproductive medicines, in addition to clinical training in Oncology and Fertility care and Embryology in India.

“Through these programs, we will be able to reshape the landscape of our healthcare sector and empower our healthcare providers and motivate them to provide better care to our people especially during this difficult time,” she said, speaking at the Merck Foundation First Ladies Initiative VC Summit 2020.

“I am proud of our partnership with the First Lady of Zimbabwe. Together we are making history by providing training for the First Specialists in many fields such as; fertility Specialists, Diabetes, endocrinology, Respiratory and Oncology in the country with the aim to improve access to quality and equitable health care in the country,”

Five Zimbabwean Doctors have already been enrolled for Fertility Specialists and embryologists training program in India and 6 more Doctors will be enrolled in the same program as soon as the lockdown ends.

10 selected young doctors from the country’ ten provinces will be enrolled to the online one-year diploma and two-year master degree of Sexual and Reproductive medicines, from South Wales, UK while 2 Doctors have been enrolled to One Year Online Post Graduate Diploma in Endocrinology and 5 doctors in one-year Preventive Cardiovascular Medicines Diploma from the University of South Wales.

“We enrolled 4 Doctors to One Year Online Post Graduate Diploma in Respiratory Medicines & One Year Online Post Graduate Diploma in Acute Medicine from University of South Wales to advance their skills these two fields to better manage coronavirus patients,” she added.

Kelej also said they also enrolled 16 doctors in one-year online Diabetes Diploma from South Wales University, last year as part of Merck Foundation Diabetes Blue Points Program.

More than 50 Zimbabwean doctors will soon be enrolled in online master course in Diabetes Management accredited by Diabetes UK.

“Merck Foundation will continue to provide medical training to doctors from Zimbabwe in various medical specialties in partnership with the First Lady of Zimbabwe,” she added.

Dr Kelej indicated that that the main objective of the initiative is to provide quality and affordable care to patients.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa

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