Namibia: Local short film showing on Netflix

Director Florian Schott’s 29-minute long ‘Baxu and the Giants’ is the first local short film to show on Netflix.

According to Scott, the Netflix grand opportunity came about through the RapidLion International Film Festival hosted in March in Johannesburg, South Africa where ‘Baxu and the Giants’ took part.

Apart from earning the Best Humanitarian Film nomination at the festival, Baxu and the Giants impressed one particular sales agent as well.

“I attended the festival with my wife and Production Coordinator Cherlien Schott and Karl Ehlers, one of our composers. At the festival, I had a meeting with a South African Sales Agent who watched Baxu and the Giants and as we stayed in touch they heard that Netflix was looking for African Shorts and that they were apparently interested in Baxu and the Giants,” Schott said.

While delivering the film to Netflix’s technical specs took a bit of time, we are “super happy that it all came together and our film will be available on Netflix soon.” Schott

“Of course, it’s a huge honour to be the director of the first Namibian film on Netflix but the congratulations really need to go out to the whole Crew, especially Girley Jazama and Andrew Botelle, and of course our star Camilla Jo-Ann Daries,” Schott added.

Jo-Ann Daries won the Best Female Actress Award for depicting the 10-year old Baxu at the Namibian Theatre and Film Awards 2019. Equally, the film itself is loved by local and international audiences, having received numerous accolades at home and overseas.

“I am confident that this is just the first of many Namibian productions on Netflix,” Schott add. “And a huge opportunity for Namibian filmmakers to showcase their films around the world.”

Liberty Pazvakawambwa

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