South Africa experiences two earthquakes in two days

South Africa’ Cape Town experienced a 2.7 magnitude earthquake early on Sunday (September 27), according to Storm Report. It was the second earthquake in a few days having experienced a strong magnitude 6.2 quake in the evening of Saturday.

The second quake occurred at about 1,922 km southeast of Cape Town in the southwestern Indian Ocean, at the “active divergent plate boundary separating the African and Antarctic plates, which probably now have moved a few cm further apart as a consequence”.

Very tremor was reportedly felt by some observers in the southern part of South Africa, according to Volcano Discovery.

Large seismic events – or earthquakes – are rare in South Africa, because the country is positioned on the interior of a tectonic plate, a relatively rigid area that’s more stable compared with other plate boundaries.

No casualties, fatalities or damages were reported and no tsunami forewarnings have been issued.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa

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