Namibia: Wildlife Resorts senior management’s salaries slashed by 25 percent

Namibia Wildlife Resort’s Board, Managing Director and Senior Management have moved a gear up in the cost-cutting measures by making a decision earlier this month to slash their salaries by 25% effective September 2020.

The decision was made as one of the measures employed by the company to restrain the negative effects the Covid-19 pandemic has on the operations of the company.

Besides it being a major player in the Tourism Industry, Namibia Wildlife Resorts Limited, was also not spared from the impact of the pandemic in the past six months – a move that has led the authorities to decide on the subsequent slashing of salaries.

In a statement issued this week, the company said whilst they are belligerently cutting costs, they are not making any significant revenue at the moment, hence the resolution to slash salaries of senior management.

The company said the decision is not populist, but a deep-seated desire from the Namibia Wildlife Resorts Board and Senior Management team to ensure the company’s long stay and survival.

“It is no secret that we play a vital role within the tourism sector as well as the Namibian economy. Thus, this decision is aimed at providing the company with further savings as we continue in uncharted waters” said Dr Matthias Ngwangwama, Namibia Wildlife Resorts Managing Director.

The tourism Industry has, across the globe suffered a huge setback due travel restrictions in trying to curtail the spread of the corona virus pandemic.

Namibia has received its first European flight on Sunday 20 September at 6:20. The LH5434 marked the first European flight to arrive in Windhoek, being the first direct flight connection to resume operation between Europe and Namibia since the official reopening of borders on 1 September.

This will however see the Tourism Industry getting back to its feet again.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa

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