Minister Mtambo extends olive branch to Peter Mutharika

Malawi- Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo extends an olive branch to Peter Mutharika saying he is even ready to have tea with former president, showing his commitment to engage every Malawian on issues of national interest and unity.

Mtambo, a firebrand critic of the former president’s administration, heading Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) then, fearlessly fought against alleged corruption and nepotism in Mutharika’s government which led to its subsequent removal from power in June this year. Mtambo, made the statement during a Capital Straight Talk on Capital Radio, Tuesday.

Labeled a terrorist for having sour relations with the former government, Mtambo went on with the fight calling Mutharika’s government to account for alleged mismanagement which eventually brought Mutharika’s reign down.

However, in a surprise twist of events, Mtambo said he will engage every Malawian in his attempt to ensure that there is national unity in the country.

“Former president Mutharika is our elder. He is our father. I am ready to meet him, have tea with him and talk unity of national purpose with him,” he said.

Mtambo added that having tea with Mutharika does not mean sidestepping from holding the previous government accountable on how they managed the country.

“We will not forget those that rooted our country. They must be held accountable. This is not witch hunting-it is responsible governance,” he said.

Efforts to reach Mutharika for comment were fruitless.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa

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