AFRICOM failed to prove presence of Russian aircrafts in Libya

On May 26, the U.S. Africa Command issued a statement trying to accuse Russia of supplying aircraft to the LNA (Libyan National Army) forces.

Africom claims that Russia is involved in delivering MIG-29 aircraft to Libya, where they are used by the LNA in the war against the GNA (Government of National Accord). However, the evidence that the U.S.  Africa command refers to has proved to be pure speculation.

For instance, in the Africom press release there are several interviews with the highest ranks of the American army, who could not list the exact number of aircraft meant for Libya. The number of fighter aircrafts varied from one to four; such uncertainty reveals the spectacular ignorance of American generals.

The document, which is supposed to be evidence of guilt, has pictures that have been modified so that the date and exact location of the images cannot be verified. According to Africom, these very images offer proof beyond a doubt.

It should be recalled that Africom has repeatedly made false accusations, passing off video game shots as real.

Earlier, Major General Ahmed al-Mismari stated that the LNA was fighting solely with its own weapons and equipment. All aircraft in service with the LNA Air Force are the rebuilt ones. Any accusations against the Provisional Government, alleging that the LNA is fighting with foreign equipment, is nonsense.

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