Is Zambia hiding US$6.68 million from Global Fund granted for COVID-19 Fight?

The Zambian government has allegedly failed to disclose a grant of over US$6 million from the Global Fund to tackle Covid-19. Last month, Zambia along with 67 other countries were given varying amounts as a grant to aid their respective national COVID-19 responses.

According to a leaked notice from the Global Fund, Zambia received US$6.68 million on April 17th to be channeled to the fight against Covid-19.

To confirm the Zambian government’s intentions not to disclose the grant, the Ministry of Finance on Friday released what it said was the full catalog of financial contributions that Zambia has received so far with respect to Covid-19 response.

In a treasury statement released by Ministry Spokesman Chileshe Kandeta, the United States, United Kingdom, the African Development Bank, and the World Bank will provide K2.7 billion to the Government of Zambia in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: Lusaka Times

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