DRC soldiers rescue 38 hostages from rebels

Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo have rescued 38 people ki by Ugandan ADF rebels. 

According to a military spokesman, 22 women and 16 men were freed in ongoing operations against the rebels.

“While the ADF rebels attempted to cross national road number 4 in Kisiki village, they fell into our ambush. We overpowered them, and they fled in disarray. We rescued a total of 38 hostages taken recently by ADF rebels from the Oicha region in North Kivu province,” he said.

He said the rebels were reportedly moving to the Mayimoya region in Beni territory when they were hit by the army.

The former hostages are currently in the hands of the army and will be interviewed before being taken back to their villages, where they will be handed to their families.

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