CAR: Dead body discovered in water well in Bangui

A dead body was found at the bottom of a water well, this Sunday March 22, in a private concession, located in the sixth district of Bangui. An investigation has been launched, but initial reports suggest an accidental death.

In this dry season, the number of deaths related to water wells is on the rise in the Central African Republic due to the lack of training of artisans in manual maintenance techniques for water wells.

In Bangui and in provincial towns, maintaining your water well during the dry season has become almost inevitable. Some individuals have to call special services to clean the bottom of their well, but these works can become dangerous due to a lack of oxygen inside the hole.

This Sunday in a private concession located in the sixth district of Bangui, and belonging to the secretary general of the national commission for refugees (CNR), the owner hired to do the job a man who lately had been found dead. His body, trapped at the bottom of the hole, was recovered by firefighters.

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