Google postponed ChromeOS release due to coronavirus

It is known that COVID-19 is pretty much cancelling everything these days. From conferences, sporting events, movie releases, and all large public spaces, it feels like the world is going through one big detox program. Add in stock market crashes globally and we pretty much might as well cancel the whole year as a write-off and perhaps wait for 2021 to start again.

It’s not just the entertainment world though that is getting affected as tech companies around the globe are adjusting to stricter social distancing policies, seeing greater numbers working from home or needing to stay away entirely. Something which is affecting development companies as well, even if they have the ability to work from home easier than others.

Now Google has announced that it is putting the development of its new Chrome browser version and ChromeOS on hold as a result of higher employee downtime.

Google has not announced how long these delays will take effect, but it’s likely going to be indefinite until employees get back to working as normal. There have also been several delays in handsets and devices manufactured in China and although several tech companies are currently pushing features to aid in the Covid-19 cause, there are reports that we could see delays in major software releases for the time being. Making the isolation possibly even more unbearable for technophiles who will have no new gadgets to play with for quite a while.

Source: CriticalHit

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