Central African Republic revives cotton industry

In July 2019, the Central African National Assembly passed a law establishing the National Cotton Office to revive the industry that collapsed due to the military-political crisis that shook the country. Production has dropped drastically, but the authorities are making efforts to save the sector with the help of the farmers on the ground.

Large baskets filled with white cotton are standing on the road to Nana Bakassa waiting to be picked up.

“I am the best cotton farmer in the village!”

Charles Delawane is very proud to talk about his cotton production.

“I have benefited a lot from the advantage of cotton. I left school when I was young to grow cotton. And now I’ve built five sheet metal houses in the village with this money. Even the building where we are currently seated is mine. “

Célestin Youfegan is the secretary general of the town hall of Nana Bakassa. He confirms the motivation of the region to increase the production.

“Cotton gives us a little wealth. It pays. I think that this year we will progress further to double that. “

Agriculture Minister Honoré Feizoure believes it is essential for the Central African economy that the sector is back on track.

“At the national level, it is also cotton that allows the country to connect internationally. Because you have to sell on the international market to bring in currencies. In normal situation we are between 45 and 50,000 tonnes of cotton. It’s not much, but it’s for the country. And here today we are less than 3,000 tonnes, so it is in this sense that we are in a state of recovery. There is a huge gap that has to be reached very quickly. “

Today the sector is only beginning to recover. A first ginning plant has been restarted in the country.

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