SUDAN: Mass protests in River Nile and Northern state, people against water, electricity cut-offs

Residents of New Manaseer in River Nile state went on strike on Tuesday over water cut off lasted for more than a week as a result of power outages. People in Sawarda in Northern State plan protests against the refusal of the governor to shut down the mining plants in the area.

The protesters in New Manaseer, River Nile state, blocked the national El Tahadi Road south to Ed Damer and raised banners. They demand electricity so that they will have water to drink and irrigation water for their agricultural projects.

They predicted that their winter crops will fail because of the shortage of irrigation water.

The protesters hold the government of River Nile state, the Zadna International Investment Company, and the Dams Implementation Unit responsible for the water shortage, because of  ‘mismanagement, corruption, and indifference’.

The electricity stations cut off the electricity as the debts of these three institutions reached SDG 16 million (US$290,170), one of the participants explained.

The protesters said the road will be re-opened as the debts are paid and the electricity has been restored.

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