European Union: €100 million to support democratic transition in Sudan

The European Union has announced €100 million to support the civilian-led authorities in Sudan to meet the most pressing needs of the democratic transition.

“The European Union is fully committed to accompanying the ongoing political transition in Sudan through all the means at its disposal. Besides political support, financial assistance to Sudan remains crucial, given the severity of the economic crisis in the country. We hope that these additional €100 million will boost the efforts of the transitional Government to implement reforms,” said High Representative/Vice President Josep Borrell, who is currently on his first official visit to Sudan.

“This new package of financial assistance will help the Sudanese Government to implement critical economic reforms required to create jobs and expand the provision of public services across the country, and to provide opportunity for the youth and women at the forefront of change in Sudan,” International Partnerships Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen said. “Sudan now has an historic opportunity to transform into a democratic society. The European Union is fully committed to supporting the Sudanese people to succeed.”

Source: EU Reporter

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