Gunman suspected of killing 9 in bars in Germany found in his apartment dead

A man who was suspected of having killed 10 people in two shooting incidents in Hanau, Germany on Wednesday was found dead at his home with another body nearby, the local police said.

The law enforcers assumed that the shooter, aged 43, returned home after the rampage and turned the gun on himself after he had shot dead his elderly mother, she was 72. Their bodies were discovered in his apartment in the early hours of Thursday morning. Both found with gunshot wounds to their heads.

The case of mass killing has already been handed over to the German federal prosecutors to start their investigation.

The police officials say there are currently no indications of other suspected accomplices. The motive for the shootings is still unclear.

According to the media, there were two shootings in Hanau on Wednesday. The first one occurred at a bar in the city center while the second in Hanau’s Kesselstadt neighborhood.

Hanau, in the state of Hessen in Germany, is located about 25 kilometers (15 miles) east of Frankfurt.

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