DR Congo jihadists murdered 5 hostages taken in attack on Manzahalo

Islamist fighters who killed ten people in eastern Democratic Republic Congo at the beginning of this week have slaughtered five hostages taken during a Monday’s attack, local authorities said on Wednesday.

A Malambo district community leader, John Kambale Sibendire, confirmed that the bodies of five people had been discovered in the neighbourhood of the Virunga National Park a few days after the deadly attack on the village of Manzahalo.

It is alleged that the Jihadist group named the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) raided the village of Manzahalo killing at least ten people late Monday.

Eight civilians, a soldier, and an intelligence agent died, Kambale said.

The ADF began as an Islamist-rooted rebel group in Uganda that opposed President Yoweri Museveni.

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