S.SUDAN: 2 police trainees died, 200 others hospitalised, gastrointestinal distress suspected

The Rejaf police training centre in Central Equatoria State, South Sudan, has made the recent headlines following the deaths of two police trainees and hospitalisation of 200 more. A reported reason for a mass hospitalisation and two deaths was believed to be harsh living conditions at the training centre, an instructor said.

Brig. Gen. Yasir Leon said during a visit of the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (R-JMEC) officials to the training centre on Tuesday last week, the trainees share plates and other utensils.

The official explained that the harsh living conditions at the training facilities were provoking the spread of diseases. For instance, the trainees had to defecate in an open field due to the lack of toilets.

Rejaf training center reportedly accommodates about 7,000 government and opposition forces brought from across the country.

“We don’t have washrooms, no clean water, there are no latrines and diseases have emerged. Now two trainees have died due to this poor hygiene and improper sanitation. Here, people use the same plates and cups for food. Some people wait for saucepans from their colleagues,” said Yasir.

“There are diseases infecting people here. Every day, about 200 people report to the medical facility, but there are no medicines. For almost a week now we are asking for medicines, but we have not got them,” Yasir Leon advised.

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