UN praises progress in Central African Republic

In a statement from the Chinese Mission, the Ambassador Wu Haitao, to the United Nations, the progress that Central African Republic has achieved so far was highlighted.

” The current political and security situation in the Central African Republic is generally getting better. The CAR government is committed to implementing the Political Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation and is actively making progress n the implementation of the benchmarks for the arms embargo assessment.” , the statement read.

The CAR government efforts to maintain its national security were further noted in the hope that further positive change on the side of the UN is to bring peaceful settlement.

” The Security Council should base itself on the actual situation on the ground in the CAR, especially the aspirations of the CAR government, and lift the arms embargo sanction measures against the CAR at an early date. This will help the CAR government enhance its capability to maintain national safety and security and facilitate the political settlement of the CAR issue. ”

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