Central African Republic: ICRC forced to limit operations in Nana-Grébizi

Following a series of incidents that have disturbed its members of staff and operations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) stated it was obliged to suspend the movements of its teams and to reduce its humanitarian activities in Kaga-Bandoro, located in Nana-Grébizi in the north-central region of the Central African Republic.

“We have no choice but to scale down our humanitarian operations and restrict the movements of our teams until acceptable security conditions are restored. However, we will maintain services related to emergencies at Kaga-Bandoro Hospital and the water supply for the displaced persons’ site.” the committee said

ICRC activities in the region are saving lives and reducing the suffering of people affected by conflict and violence. At the beginning of this year, the ICRC was preparing to expand its health services at Kaga-Bandoro Hospital and to set up programmes aimed at supporting agriculture and improving access to water in rural areas.

“A humanitarian worker is not a target,” deputy head of the ICRC’s delegation in the Central African Republic, Bruce Biber emphasized. “Every attack endangers our ability to help those most in need.”

The ICRC appeals to all concerned to make increased efforts to restore peace, so that the aid could be received by those in dire need.

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