SUDAN: Anti organised crime unit thwarted possible terrorist attack in Khartoum state

Potential terrorists have been nabbed by the Sudanese police on Tuesday. The detainees are believed to be a part of a criminal network manufacturing explosive devices in the Eastern Nile district of Khartoum state. They are suspected of having prepared possible terrorist attacks.

Late on Tuesday, the Police Press Office released a report in which commanding officers highly praised the Eastern Nile police that had made a “great achievement and arrested a criminal network, including foreigners, manufacturing explosive devices.”

The State Investigation Police carried out the arrest of one of the suspects and restored large quantities of raw chemicals and tools used in the initial operations of making explosives.

Police chief General Lieutenant Adel Bashayer said that the seized material and devices have been examined by the General Department of Criminal Evidence, while the investigation will be carried out by specialized teams to reveal the dimensions of the activity, which he described as “criminal”.

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