PICS: 2 blasts hit 2 Dutch cities, no fatalities reported

The Police Department of Amsterdam confirmed information about two explosions that shocked two Dutch cities early on Wednesday. The Police believe that these were explosive devices placed in postal parcels.

The first bomb went off at around 8am (local time) on Wednesday in the Dutch Capital Amsterdam after being received in the mailroom of a postal company in the northwestern area of the city. It has been announced that none of the civilians were injured in the incident.

The second package detonated in Kerkrade, the southern-most province of Limburg. An alleged letter package exploded at a postal sorting company on Wiebachstraat in Kerkrade at around 8:30am (local time). Just like in the previous case, there were no reports about deaths or injuries.

The building was evacuated and police investigations are ongoing, Limburg police explained.

“It is still unknown whether there is a connection with the explosion of a letter package this morning in Amsterdam,” said the Limburg police.

Картинки по запросу "amsterdam letter bomb"
Картинки по запросу "amsterdam letter bomb"
Картинки по запросу "amsterdam letter bomb"

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