Increasing violence|Mozambique: 7 civilians beheaded since beginning of 2020

A growing number of armed attacks on civilians in different provinces of Mozambique committed by militant Islamists commonly aiming at homes, schools, health clinics has, unfortunately, become the norm.

Since the beginning of this year 7 people have been beheaded by the Islamists in separate cases in northernmost Mozambique.

Confronted by rising violence, thousands of Mozambicans are fleeing troubled areas of northern Mozambique as the government and humanitarian agencies scramble to provide safe shelter.

Some 500 people have been killed, many of them beheaded since the extremists started their attacks in Oct. 2017. Not much is known about the rebels, but last year they became allied with the Islamic State group, which now issues claims of responsibility for attacks.

The situation Mozambique faces severely affects the activities of oil&gas companies investing billions of dollars to pump liquified natural gas in the region. This poses a serious threat to the stability of the country’s economy and the investment climate. This is all without taking into account the serious threat to the population.

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