Southern Africa climate under threat

The climate critical state has been deteriorating rapidly, it is posing a danger to the long-term health, safety and well-being of southern Africa population.

The region is facing massive famine this year due to changing seasons and a decline in rainfall. From October to early December rainfall has been down at 55 to 85% of the norm across the area. The worst affected areas are the ones in Lesotho, central and southern Mozambique, Madagascar, South Africa, and parts of western and southern Zambia.

Planting has been negatively affected in a variety os areas including Zimbabwe.

With further prospects of below average rainfall starting January to May 2020, the region is likely to face a second consecutive poor rainfall season and harvest.

Overall, drought, conflict, civil wars, poor governance, floods and instability have led to severe food shortages. Many countries have struggled with extreme poverty for decades, so they lack government and community support systems to contribute to the struggling families.

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