7 illegal miners died, more buried alive underground after gold mine collapsed in Manica, Mozambique

The Manica district authorities report seven people who are believed to be the illegal gold panners have died while the several others are still underground buried beneath collapsed walls of an artisanal gold mine in Penhalonga, Manica district, Central Mozambique.

There were several others who escaped to be blocked in the mine and sustained only moderate injuries, among them miners who were in the mine when the collapse occurred.

The local residents volunteered to carry the rescue operation to dig out the rest of the miners, according to the reports from the scene.

The paramedics transported the bodies of the seven deceased to the local morgue at Manica District Hospital.

It is noteworthy that the miners in Mozambique are frequently killed by collapses in mines where artisanal ore extraction takes place in unsafe and unregulated conditions.

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