2 Mpumalanga women kill their own mother over life insurance payment

Two sisters are suspected of having allegedly allowed two of their boyfriends to rape and then kill their 62-year-old mother with a disgusting intention to get an access to the insurance account of their parent, the Mpumalanga police representatives advised on Wednesday.

The police have arrested the daughters, aged 30 and 39, provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi confirmed.

It is known that the younger sister has already made her first court appearance in the Barberton Magistrates’ Court. The murder charges were brought against her on Wednesday and the case was suspended until February 5.

Here are some case details that the Court heard during the Wednesday session: the younger sister had organised the assault by inviting her mother to visit her place on January 6 while her 41-year-old boyfriend and another man were waiting for the victim to come.

“When the mother eventually arrived, she was allegedly kidnapped, assaulted, senselessly gang-raped by the two male friends while the younger sister and her friend were holding her,” Hlathi added.

He also said that the 62-year-old woman had allegedly been strangled to death by the accomplices who then wrapped the dead body in a blanket and left it in a latrine outside the house.

The police will release the identities of the daughters after the second sister appears in court.

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