Violent clashes kill 29 along Sudan – South Sudan border

At least 29 people have died as a result of tribal clashes in Abyei, a contested area between Sudan and South Sudan.

“This incident is very regretted and the head of the Sovereign Council Abdul Fatah Alburhan has sent a message of his condolences to his Southern Sudanese counterpart Salva Kiir Myardit,” read a statement by the Sudanese Sovereign Council.

The council has fired the head of the Abyei Administration Salih Sloha who was appointed by the former regime.

According to the statement, Sudan is holding the UN peace mission responsible for failing to protect the civilians.

The two countries – Sudan and South Sudan – agreed to set up an investigation committee to probe the circumstances of the incidents.

In another press release, the South Sudan government accused the Sudanese National army of the violence that killed at least 29 people.

According to the statement, “once again a combined force of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) supported by their allied Missiriya militias, attacked the village of Kolom (12 kilometers) north of Abyei Town.”

29 civilians died during the attacks, 24 were injured, and 15 children were abducted.

“The intention of these groups is the displacement of Ngok Dinka from their homes. It was also confirmed that the attackers were in a military uniform,” read the statement.

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