UAE security companies allegedly send Sudanese youth to fight in Yemen and Libya

The family of a 23-year-old man has reached out to the Sovereignty Council of Sudan asking to help find out the fate of their son who left for the United Arab Emirates to work as a security guard.

According to Abdullah al-Tayyib, the brother of the disappeared man, the UAE security company hired a group of Sudanese youth to work as security guards in the Emirates. Once in the country, the applicants were suddenly asked to complete a 3-month training in a camp with such heavy weapons as DShK and RPG.

After the training was over, the company officials made a ‘generous offer’ with the opportunity to go either to Yemen or to Libya. Most of the group accepted the offer, while about 150 rejected it, with al-Tayyib’s brother among them.

The group that rejected the offer was placed in a separate camp and the officials told them to wear quick support uniforms. They were also advised they would be deported soon, however, without any mention of where they would go. The officials explained it by security reasons.

Three days ago, the family had received the latest message about the above-mentioned developments via WhatsApp but their son could not be reached since then. They urge the Sudanese people not to trust the job ads and hope the government would be able to help them trace the disappeared victim of the deceit.

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