GRAPHIC IMAGES: Hundreds parrots found dead at Randburg parrot breeder’s house

The Randburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals consider laying criminal charges against a parrot breeder whose house had more dead birds than alive.

The horrible discovery was made after an anonymous tip-off had been made about the animals being kept in unsatisfactory conditions. SPCA inspector Shiven Bodasing identified the owner of the premises as a senior official of the Parrot Breeders’ Association of South Africa (PASA). The man only allowed to search his house after the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court had issued a warrant.

The SPCA inspectors found 20 parrots still alive although in a very bad state, and at least 150 dead birds.

“We went with a doctor of the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital to inspect the property. We were quite shocked at what we found there. It was clear that there was gross negligence. It was horrendous,” Bodasing stated. “They had been dead for quite a while, though the real figure would probably be higher because we couldn’t count them.”

The rescued parrots were handed over to a vet. According to Bodasing, the value of the lost birds was about R750, 000.

“We are going to lay criminal charges once we’ve consulted with relevant roleplayers,” Bodasing announced.

As for the perpetrator, the official has resigned after the dead parrots were discovered in his house.

“This morning Antonie [Meiring] tendered his resignation as member of our society. He says he has an explanation for the skeletons,” PASA chair Ben Minnaar advised. “On the face of it, the allegations are serious enough to warrant an internal investigation in terms of our disciplinary code.”

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