CAR: Two brothers fight over dog head, one shot dead

The Central African Republic police have arrested a man who murdered his own brother allegedly over a dog’s head.

According to the brothers’ neighbours, on January 17, the victim tried to take the head of the dog his brother had cooked. The suspect wanted to keep the tastiest part for himself, so he rushed to his room, fetched his gun and shot the younger brother in his head. The wound proved fatal and the man was announced dead on the scene.

The police seized the weapon and continue their investigation.

In CAR, dogs are a cheap source of meat. People from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo who live in CAR are the main consumers of the dog meat sold in the country as it features among their culinary traditions. There are also several Central African communities in the regions of Lobaye and M’baiki, to the south of Bangui, who traditionally eat dog meat.

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