Zambian man kills wife and 4 children over ARVs

A horrible incident took place in Mpika, northern Zambia, where a man axed his wife and four of his children (the youngest was aged 18 months) to death after discovering that his wife had been taking life prolonging anti-retroviral drugs.

The police confirmed the incident, saying the murderer, who was identified as Royd Kampamba, first went for a drink at a local bar after finding out that his wife was on the ARVs. Then he returned home at around midnight and found his wife and children asleep.  It was then that he took an axe and smashed the heads of his sleeping family members.

“I discovered that she was taking ARVs and she didn’t tell me. I was very angry and that is how I killed them,” Kampamba confessed to the police during interrogations.

According to the police, there was blood and brain matter all over the room where the victims had been killed. The suspect remains in custody.

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