Platform collapsed during religious event in Ethiopia leaving 10 dead, 250 injured

The Ethiopian officials confirm 10 people died and 250 were injured after a wooden platform had collapsed during a religious event on Monday when thousands of people had gathered at the colourful celebration known as Timkat in the northern Ethiopian city of Gondar.

The collapse took place inside the Emperor Fasilides Bath in the city where several thousand Ethiopians and tourists visited the celebration commemorating the baptism of Jesus. According to the Ethiopian News Agency, more than 15, 000 foreigners attended the event in Gondar.

“Ten people have lost their lives,” the city’s police chief, Ayalew Teklu, stated, adding, “Thirteen people have sustained serious injuries, including four members of the security services.”

According to a Gondar University Hospital official, more than 250 people received medical treatment with 80 people remaining in hospital.

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