Nigerian Islamic State release video of child executing Christian man

The terrorist organisation Islamic State has published a video allegedly showing a child executing a Christian man in Nigeria.

The video, received by intelligence group SITE, shows the child, about eight years old, executing a Christian prisoner in the state of Borno. On the video, the child warns Christians in the region: “We won’t stop until we take revenge for all the blood that was spilt.”

The shocking footage was published by Amaq, a publishing service directly linked to IS in Iraq and Syria and known for posting claims of responsibility from the terrorist organisation.

“There is no end to ISIS immorality,” SITE Intelligence Group director Rita Katz wrote in a statement along with a screenshot from the terrible video.

The victim was not formally identified, but SITE said it was a Nigerian man and a Christian. According to some reports, he might be the reverend captured by IS in January.

The authenticity of the video has not been verified yet.

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