Teenage boy dies in Libyan refugee centre

A 16-year-old teenager has died in one of the Libyan detention centres where refugees and migrants are kept after they are returned to the north African country by the EU-funded coastguard.

According to other detainees in Sabaa detention centre in Tripoli, the boy’s name was Adal Debretsion. He was an Eritrean native and reportedly had been kept locked up for more than a year. The witnesses say the boy died on January 12 of an unknown illness and poor medical care.

“We really feel sad and we are scared,” another Eritrean refugee, one of about 400 people being held there, stated.

They also said Adal had tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in April 2018, after escaping the mandatory national service in Eritrea.

The deceased had been sleeping constantly for two weeks and was only given painkillers without any medical treatment, his friend said. A final move to take Adal to a private clinic failed, as he was already dead on arrival, he added.

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