Rwanda blocks 133 Ugandan cattle moving to Burundi

The Rwandan authorities have blocked the cattle destined to Bujumbura in Burundi from transiting through the country’s territory.

The incident took place on Sunday when the Uganda Revenue Authority’s Customs and Excise department approved the exportation of 133 units of cattle to Burundi in transit through Rwanda only for the Rwandan authorities to deny them access.

The cattle were being transported on 7 FUSO trucks.

According to an anonymous source, Rwanda had at first accepted the documents for the cows and allowed them to proceed before switching positions as the officers were getting new orders.

“They cleared all the cows but we were surprised to see armed security personnel blocking the vehicles along the way and ordered the trucks to return to Uganda,” he said.

He also revealed that the Rwandan officials had not given any reason for the change of position.

This decision contradicts several regional, continental and international agreements on goods transiting through the countries.

Uganda and Rwanda relations became frosty in February last year when Rwanda blocked several Ugandan cargo trucks from entering Rwanda because of construction works.

In addition, Rwanda’s security forces shot dead a Ugandan national on their territory over the weekend. The deceased was identified as Ndagizemana Teo Jean, aged 25. According to the reports, he was smuggling clothes into Rwanda.  

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