ZIM: Man jumps from mountain after being advised not to divorce his wife

A 42-year-old man died after falling from the top of a 30-metre mountain after he had been advised against divorcing his wife.

Manicaland province police spokesperson Tavhiringwa Kakohwa confirmed the incident had taken place in Rori village.

According to the suicide note left by the deceased, Zachariah Dekaurendo, he committed suicide because he could not bear spending another day with his wife Philipa Kande.

“Dekaurendo sometime in December visited his sister Esnath Dekaurendo, 44, who stays in Mozambique and confided in her that he intended to divorce his wife because they were having problems in their marriage,” Kakohwa explained.

However, the sister did not approve the idea of divorce. The next day, the deceased returned home.

At around 13:00, he visited Philipa Mandosera, 60, of the same village and started crying and revealing his plans to take his own life. He then climbed the mountain and crushed to death.

Mandosera, who witnessed the incident, rushed to the scene to find him dead. She then reported the case to the Hauna police.

Dekaurendo’s body had a fractured backbone and broken legs. The suicide note was later found in his bedroom.

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