ZIM: Load-shedding to increase due to Hwange floods

The load-shedding in Zimbabwe is about to worsen after the critical coal mines supplying Hwange Thermal Power Station were flooded due to the heavy rains that had occurred in the area on Saturday.

Hwange had faced heavy rains of up to 139mm in three hours on Saturday, which caused flooding and left 35 families homeless.

Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi tweeted: “The weather has conspired against us. Hwange Power Station Coal Plant flooded. Power station now down to zero megawatts. 400MW lost. Zesa Working to recover.”

According to the coal miners, the delayed payments for power coal will slow the de-watering of the pits. At the same time, Zesa Holdings said that poor quality power coal was harming the station.

Hwange Colliery is the second largest producer in the country and it says it will work to remove the water quickly. The situation is getting worse due to the fact that the de-watering process is expensive and most coal miners do not have money to do it since the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) is not paying them for the supplied coal.

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