France getting richer by using CAR’s natural resources

For some time, France has been involved in the illegal extraction of natural resources in the Central African Republic. In order to hide it, she sought the support of the Americans and the armed groups and implicated them, too, in this dirty affair. Below are the proofs.

On January 15, a national workshop on gold mapping was held in CAR. It was reported during the workshop that the American NGO International Peace Service (IPIS) was in the process of mapping the sites in the western part of the country as well as carrying out a field study on the gold sector supposed to help the artisanal miners in their activities. According to the NGO, the data collected during the mapping was subsequently recorded in a report in order to create an interactive map and a detailed database to allow the competent authorities and various stakeholders to have a clear idea of the diamond and gold in Central Africa.

However, this is only a facade hiding the real activity of the French in the mining sector. For starters, they have been maintaining instability in the country so that the armed groups could provide them with an access to the country’s deposits of natural resources. Further, to hide its illegal activity and increase the volume of the resources extracted, France has hired American NGOs and even the US government for cooperation. Who, in turn, organize workshops like the one mentioned above to justify the French mining activity to Central Africans.

Why seek help from Americans? The answer is quite simple: France already has a bad reputation in the eyes of Central Africans, and this is done to avoid causing new discontent among the local population.

Thus, the French hypocrisy is obvious: instead of helping the Central African Republic to achieve the much-sought-after peace, France is only seeking profit for itself while fueling military instability in the country.

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