Kenya to strengthen border security against Al Shabab attacks

Hillary Mutyambai, inspector general of the Kenya Police Service, urged the officers to change their tact in the fight against the enemy and embrace community policing so as to have a flow of information from members of the public on suspected criminals.

Tres Thomas, a security analyst, previously highlighted that al-Shabab had free mobility to cross the border from Somalia into Kenya because a lot of the areas did not have adequately manned checkpoints.

“And one of the areas on the southeastern border in the Boni Forest is very rugged terrain that’s hard for security forces to navigate and offers a safe haven to Shabab.”

The expert also pointed out that the lack of capacity is exacerbated by a lack of cooperation between local and national law enforcement agencies.

“You still have security forces that are not integrated,” he said. “You have tensions between the central government and regional administrations that prevent them from banding together to defeat al-Shabab.”

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