Zimbabwean farmer killed by employee gets avenged by destiny as murderer dies in car crash

A 77-year-old Zimbabwean farmer had been murdered by her worker on Sunday. However, her body was discovered only after her killer had lost his own life in a road accident the following day.

According to the police, Sonboy of Jefferson Farm in Beatrice, Zimbabwe, lured Esther Muhambi to a nearby garden about 2km from their homestead on January 5. He then struck the woman on the head with a mattock killing her and threw the dead body into a dam with a stone tied to it. The perpetrator returned to the farm and drove away in his late employer’s Toyota Raum.

On Monday, Claudius Ngandu, a neighbour, was informed by the Norton police that Sonboy had died in an accident while driving the vehicle. Ngandu asked if Muhambi had also been in the car but was told no one else had been there.

The search for the missing farmer ensued. Ngandu along with another neighbour came to check in her garden and noticed the drag marks leading to the dam. That’s where they found the deceased’s body and alerted the police of the case.

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