WATCH: Story of how man finds his wife under lover’s bed goes viral

Where else but in the bedroom of another man a suspicious husband could have found his wife?

The video footage shot by the jealous man is gaining popularity on social media involving more and more users in discussion. It is understood that the man entered the backroom rented by the alleged lover of his wife and found her hiding under his bed.

The man became suspicious after she had failed to come home after work at 4pm. It is not revealed how her husband came to know about her whereabouts. The hubby filmed himself walking through the room, finding items that belonged in his house.

“These are my children’s blankets. This is our pillow, here in a back room,” the husband says.

He then continues to move through the room before finding his wife, who has been identified as Yolanda, hiding under her boyfriend’s bed.

“What are you doing under the bed? Why are you allowing yourself to be hidden under the bed? You left your big house to come and hide under a bed in a backroom with boys? Your children are at home, I left them alone. You must stay with this man so you can have sex without hiding any more,” the man is heard saying.

Check the link below to watch the full video:

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