Armed terror on roads of Sofala district continues: 16 civilians killed, 9 more wounded

Three vehicles that were travelling in different directions along the main national road in Mozambique came under an armed attack on Tuesday morning in the Mutindiri-2 of Sofala’s Chibabava district.

The assailants struck between 6am and 10am on Tuesday in Mutindiri-2, Chibabava district, on the National Road number one (EN1) by attacking a passenger bus.

The bus driver, an Angolan citizen, explained the circumstances of the attack saying that only nine of twenty-three passengers he had been carrying survived the incident. All the patients have been taken to the Muxungue Rural Hospital for medical care while the rest, the driver supposed, could have been charred.

In addition, the attackers ambushed and then torched two more vehicles: a heavy car and a van heading to Inchope Muxungue.

The residents of Chibabava district complain about the armed groups that terrorise the area almost daily making them “live in a state of fear and uncertainty.”

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