One robber dead, another arrested after assaulting elderly couple in Free State

An elderly couple was assaulted by two armed men at their house in Bloemspruit on Saturday night. The security officers came to the scene minutes after the invasion as the robbers triggered the alarm when they broke into the house. The criminals involved in a standoff with the guards ending up being shot and arrested.

According to the paramedics, “The husband and wife suffered critical and serious head injuries and had been bound.”

When the medics arrived, both a security guards and the South African Police Service (SAPS) were on the scene.

“One of the suspects had been shot and killed and another apprehended. The deceased suspect showed no signs of life and was declared dead on arrival by our paramedics,” stated ER24 spokesperson.

Luckily, the victims of the assault survived and were taken to the hospital for medical treatment in a short time.

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