CAR: 25yo woman tried to poison her family

The local gendarmerie arrested a 25-year-old Barberati woman who had allegedly gone on an attempted poisoning spree feeding some members of her family with rat poison on Wednesday, December 4, in Gerard City area, 1st Barberati district, south-west of the Central African Republic.

There reportedly was a dispute between the young woman and her parents a few days before the poisoning. As continuous misunderstanding engulfed the family, the woman felt she had nothing left to do but use rat poison to get rid of her family members.

“She poisoned all the food at home with rat poison,” the residents of the Gérard City district testified. “She felt rejected and that’s what justified her act. She told those friends that she would commit a crime before poisoning the food because she hated her parents who did not show her enough love.” 

The parents noticed something was wrong with the food.

“The trace of poison is visible in the meals. The color of the food is abnormal, that’s what caught our attention,” the father of the family, one of the victims in that poisoning attempt, later explained.

The gendarmerie had been alerted of the matter and then responded. The alleged perpetrator was at home when the officers arrived. 

“She is of age and is subject to Article 51 of the Penal Code, which stipulates that the crime is described as poisoning in case of any attempt on the life of a person by the effect of substances that may cause death more or less promptly, in whatever way these substances have been employed or administered, and whatever consequences there may have been,” the police statement read.

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