10k meticais for employment: Manica province lecturer busted for fraud

The Manica province police arrested a university lecturer and took her into the detention centre of the police station in Chimoio over the allegations of her having cheated on her fellow citizens with promises of employment in the Tax Authority of Mozambique (AT).

According to the official police statement, the woman demanded from seven to ten thousand meticais for her services.

The lecturer is said to have collected the money and documents from several people to allegedly assist them in gaining employment. She disappeared afterwards.

At least seven cases have been recorded since seven victims approached the police with the complaints of an alleged fraud. They eventually culminated in the arrest of the offender.

According to the police, the accused who claimed to be the cousin of the delegate of the Manica Tax Authority, declined to comment on her arrest.

It is also known that this is not the first time this woman is a tenant in the police cells. She has already been detained several times for cheating on people with bank job promises.

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