Three former teachers died in collision with truck in Durban

A car accident involving a bakkie with five passengers that was T-boned by a truck left three men dead on Thursday afternoon in Durban.

The bakkie occupants were travelling in the vehicle in Durban Central when they were hit by a truck on the corner of NMR Avenue and Battery Beach Road, the Rescue Care officials confirmed.

After the collision, the truck ploughed through a fence and stopped about 100 metres away.

The paramedics assessed the scene and found that three men in the back seat of the bakkie, all recently retired school teachers, had sustained major injuries.

“There was nothing paramedics could do for them and they were declared deceased at the scene,” Rescue Care spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said in a statement.

The driver and the passenger in the front seat were transported to hospital with moderate injuries. The truck driver got away without any injuries at all.

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