Gomolemo Legae’s murderer, who burned her alive, refuses to apply for bail

On Thursday, the Mahikeng law enforcement officials announced the name of the young man who had brutally murdered a girl named Gomolemo Legae. A rape charge was also added to the man’s charge sheet in court.

Karabo Bahurutshe, 19, who stabbed 18-year-old Gomolemo Legae several times and then set her on fire while she was still alive, has abandoned his bail application. The offender decided to remain behind bars until his next court appearance, which is scheduled for January 21.

This case of egregious treatment of women has become the second in South Africa in the last few weeks. Previously, Aubrey Manaka stabbed 21-year-old Precious Ramabulana to death in her residence in Mokomene.

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