MOZ: Elderly US citizen seized with cocaine and heroin in Maputo airport

The Maputo International Airport security forces along with the customs officers arrested 85-year-old William Vito, a US citizen, for possession of 3kg of cocaine and 2kg of heroin on May 27, 2019. As it was later found out the drugs were intended to embark for France.

The man spent almost six months in custody until trial on November 28 at the 7th Criminal Chamber of the Maputo City Court (TJCM).

The court heard that Vito – who was in a ‘worrisome state of health’ – swore that the contents of his suitcase did not belong to him nor did he know how it would have gotten there.

The defendant’s argument had been dismissed and the court sentenced him to serve 16 years in prison. Once the prison term is over, Vito should immediately leave Mozambique without any hope to ever return.

Meanwhile, the reliable sources in the intricacies of the Southern African-based international investigation into cross-border drug trafficking have claimed that the elderly man must have been coerced by the Nigerian citizens who control the drug trafficking business in South Africa, Mozambique and other countries of the continent.

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