Harare criminal gunned down by sick and tired of gang outrage citizen

The people of Harare have had enough of being under the gang threat. A local resident grabbed a gun and went on to murder a notorious criminal after a botched robbery.

The criminals have been terrorizing the streets of Harare for too long confronting the citizens at night and stealing from cars stopping at traffic lights.

The smash-and-grab thief approached the man while he was in his car at the intersection of Harare Drive and Alpes road. The offender broke the front door window and stole a horse blanket. He then rushed to a getaway Honda Fit and disappeared in it.

The robbery victim chased the Honda Fit vehicle into a closed road. As the offender and his accomplice’s vehicle had been cornered, they opened fire at the chaser and then abandoned their vehicle.

The man pulled out his own pistol and fired back wounding one of the suspects. The gunshot wounds appeared to be critical and the criminal died on the spot.

The police recovered the getaway vehicle but the partner of the now-deceased thief managed to escape the arrest.

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