Fatal domestic stabbing in Maputo: Woman kills drunk husband in front of their children

A Laulane district woman believed to be in her forties has been apprehended and put under arrest at the 14th police station in Maputo, as the accusations of a premeditated murder of her husband were imposed on her.

The woman was booked on such charges after she had apparently stabbed her husband three times in the chest killing him on Friday last week. The incident was allegedly the result of a domestic fight that had broken out at the couple’s residence in the neighborhood of Mahotas.

The eyewitnesses say the man had come back home completely drunk provoking the argument that culminated in the fatal stabbing.

However, the suspect denies she was the perpetrator of the crime, claiming that everything had happened in the presence of her neighbours, who had approached her house to help.

“The crime occurred in the presence of the couple’s children, by the way two minors,” Leonel Muchina, the spokesman for the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) in Maputo city, stated.

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